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Acquire has recently launch the English version of Road to Dragons globally on both Android and iOS store. The game was very popular in Japan when it just launch, topping the charts for the first 2-3 months. Read on to find out more.


Road to Dragons is a Puzzle RPG game where players set out on a journey to slay all the evil Dragons. The game requires players to choose your own walking path and fight monsters along the way. In combat, players can choose to chain the same puzzle type to increase the damage multiplier or connect different puzzles to send out the whole team.

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Players must also take note of the number of souls they have as it affects what they can do. Souls can be increase or decrease by doing the following:

– Killing monsters
– Picking up Soul Treasure Boxes

– Moving
– Using Skills
– Chaining different weapons

Here’s the Description of the game:

— About the Game —

✔ Battle System
Fight the battle against a boss or dragon at the end of the road to clear your quest! You can chain-attack your enemy by connecting more panels. Whether your priority lies in creating paths or going for that big chain-attack damage in the fight, it’s up to you. Your heroes await your decision!

✔ Summon heroes from the magic tome!
When a monster is defeated, you have a chance to obtain magic tomes which allow you to summon heroes. By defeating strong enemies and finding rare tomes, you can get access to stronger heroes! Collect as many heroes as you can and put together your strongest party ever!

✔ Enhance & Evolve to train your heroes!
The heroes you have gathered can be enhanced and evolved by combining their powers. Enhance to level up! Evolve to power up, both in appearance and strength! Train your favorite character and let them shine in battle!

✔ So many ways to combine!
There’s combinations for leveling up, evolving, and DX combinations that you should use in different strategies as you train your various units! Any unit becomes very power if you can train them to their max!

✔ Lots of characters!
Characters can wield various weapons, mainly grouped into 4 categories: sword, spear, bow, and staff. This includes long range weapons like bow-guns and magical devices which all have fun-to-watch battle animations. Each character also has a unique life story which you can play through by making them evolve!

✔ Beginners have nothing to worry about!
Even if it’s your first time playing Road to Dragons, the tutorials will guide you through until you can defeat the dragons on your own.

✔ Play with friends to beat the more difficult dragons!
Connect with friends in the game to borrow one of your friends’ heroes. There may be enemies that are hard to beat on your own, but perhaps you can win with a hero that your friend trained! Make lots of friends and defeat those enemies together!

— Important Notice —

✔ Road to Dragons needs constant server connection, so please make sure you have internet access when you play.

✔ If server connection fails, it is possible to lose some saved data.In such cases, Nothing can be done to recover that lost data.

✔ If you update the game while on the middle of a Quest, the existing progress data of that Quest will disappear. Please be careful and make sure to always update the game after completing the ongoing Quest.



The game is out not globally on both Play/App Store. As the game just launched, there’s an increase in the drop rate for 5* cards.

Get the game now and add me: 100 039 238


Android Link
iOS Link




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