Romancing Saga Re: univerSe – Tier List


For those of you who are playing the Close Beta, here’s the Tier List based on the beta test characters.

Scores are based on Japan server’s current score. Currently, there are many new SS characters, which is why the score is low below.

Character Weapon Score
Katarina Large Sword 84
Charl Spear 76
Ellen Axe 80
Monika Sword 72
Alkaiser Jutsu 86
Ginny Club 82
Gustave Large Sword 89
Urpina Sword 82
Albert Sword 84
Gray Large Sword 76
Aisha Axe 84
Barbara Spear 79
Gerard Club 75
Emerald Staff 80
Hector Large Sword 80
Cat Jutsu 87
Azami Jutsu 92
Thomas Spear 76
Mikhail Sword 82
Blue Staff 89
Wil Club 72
Awe <— who is this
Terry Jutsu 80
Robin (Fake) Sword 82



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