Sdorica -Sunset- – Open Beta


Rayark had recently began the Open Beta phase for their upcoming mobile game, Sdorica -Sunset-. Players from Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia can now download the English version from your local App or Play Store.

Some of you might have already heard about the game during it’s Close Beta phase. “Sdorica” features accents of rich storytelling, polished animations, and impressive skill powers. After 2 years of dedication, Rayark Games is ready to deliver a hybrid between classic turn based strategies with fairytale graphics, bringing refreshing gameplay experience to anticipating players.

Combat is a little different from the usual turn-based games as you are required to connect some puzzles in order to activate your character’s attacks. However, the artstyle and story telling is definitely the main selling point, something not commonly found in a mobile game.

Rayark is a development company from Taiwan, famous for their rhythmic games such as Cytus and Deemo. I’m quite surprised and glad that they decided to experiment on a different genre and still, managed to produce a high quality game. If you like RPG with a good story line, you should definitely give Sdorica a try!

Rayrak International Limited


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