Sdorica -sunset- Rayark’s New Global Hit RPG


What’s up Pao-ers! Some of you might already be playing this since its open beta last year, today we will feature the latest RPG game Sdorica -sunset- by Rayark International, the quality studio behind popular music titles such as Cytus series and more recently, VOEZ. The game has already achieved more than 100k downloads and still counting.

Sdorica is a game that blends quality 2D aesthetics, animated character collection and block-matching mechanics into an intricate and wonderful product. The usual turn-based party combat is fused with innovative gameplay that requires the player to match orbs of same colors for different combat decisions such as healing or casting specific skills. Alongside it’s strategy-oriented direction, the game does not have autoplay to cater for the “busier crowd“.

Characters are broken down into 3 main roles: Healers, Attackers (allowed to aim at specific targets) and Defenders (frontline damage absorber). A mission party consist of 1 of each role as well as up to 2 advisors. Advisors provides either extra passive or active benefits to augment the overall party strategy. Each character consists of up to 5 skills: 3 skills for matching X-amount of orbs (1-orb, 2-orbs and 4-orbs respectively), a passive skill that unlocks upon reaching specific rarity and an advisor skill. Character requires Soul Energy earned from completing missions to level-up; mission rewarded materials and character-specific minerals to perform Resonance to increase character rarity tier which unlocks/improves skill effects.

Sdorica monetizes mainly via its premium Crystal currency which is used either for character (fragment) summons or upgrade material chests. Being able to increase character rarity fast also enable the unlock of various character skins. The game system allows for all characters in the game to reach the highest rarity.

The game’s currently available languages are English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Pre-registration rewards are still given for players that download now! The amount of crystals and summon bookmarks given is sufficient for plenty of character summons (about 18x). Are you already on to this soon-to-be global hit title?

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