Seven Knights Global Raid Update – How to Tame a Dragon


Netmarble has announced that the Raid Patch is finally here and this is also the biggest update for Seven Knights Global. Now there’s even more reason to spend your moolas on!

Here’s the Patch notes for today’s update:

1. Friendship System

You can now add a friend to share friendship points with you to claim rewards! The final reward is a 4-Star Seven Knights Selector, so get moving!

2. Raid

The long-awaited Raid system is finally here! You can team up with your friends to defeat the Destroyer Gaze and earn great items and materials to craft powerful dragon equipment!

The 4-Star dragon weapons and armor are as follows:

1) Dragon Slayer

2) Dragon’s Orb

3) Dragon’s Scale Armor


3. Changes to Guild membership

You can now choose to accept members who use your language! There will be a flag icon displayed next to the username to identify the user’s language. Recruit members of the same language to mingle and bond!

4. Beginners’ Guilds

Join guilds only with players at level 26 or lower in your country! In Beginners’ Guilds, members are automatically excluded if they reach level 27 or do not connect to the game for an extended period of time.

Each country has a unique Beginners’ Guild name, so find out which one yours is!

5. Changes to Chat

The channels are now reduced to 1~20 per language and you can only select based on languages. There is also a new Global channel!

6. Black Friday Events

Heaps of new promotions are here!

1) The bonus Ruby event that was only available for first-time purchases is back, and you will also get double the bonus with Gold purchases at the Shop!

2) Purchase anything, absolutely anything, for a chance to win incredible rewards! The more you spend, the higher your chances of winning :DA 4-Star Hero Ticket will be given to purchasers of any amount.Try your luck for a chance to win prizes never offered before! They will be selecting 1011 players to win the following:

3) May’s Lucky Chest is BACK! With many users wanting the package, May’s Lucky Chest is now back in sale!

4) During the event, it will cost you less Topaz to re-fuse a hero or re-rank-up an item, so get fusing!

7. New Costumes!

Costumes for the Seven Knights are finally here! Now you can dress them AND get costume buffs! The costumes will be on sale for 150 Rubies and 5 Topaz from 19th November until the update maintenance on 3rd December (UTC+0), and the prices will return to being 250 Rubies + 10 Topaz after the sale so grab them while you can! The costumes updated are as follows:


All the costumes offer the following stat boosts: HP+100, ATK(Magic ATK)+20, DEF+10

8. Hero Acquirement Chance Change

During this event, your chances of getting Spike, Velika and Sylvia are increased!


To read the original patch notes: Click Here


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