Seventh Rebirth – Out Now in Japan Stores!


Someone decided to be super punctual and release their game at midnight! GungHo Online Entertainment had just ninja launched their latest mobile game, Seventh Rebirth (セブンス・リバース). Players can now download the game from the Japan App and Play Store.

Seventh Rebirth is a side-scroller, turn-based RPG with Exploration mechanics and Combo system. There are 4 different jobs at the start of the game for Players to choose from; the Warrior, Cleric, Wizard and Archer.


There’s also a city-building element in the game where you can unlock and build different buildings with different functions that can aid your conquest.


To be honest, the game has too many mechanics and is a little complicated for me to condense all the information in my 15 minutes of play time. However, that is actually a good thing, as it shows that the game is not the usual side-scroller RPG game we usually see.

I’m not really a fan of Weapon-based Gacha games but I’ll definitely play more when the sun comes up later. Hopefully, it’ll keep me interested for the next few days 🙂

GungHo Online Entertainment


Android Link
iOS Link


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