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Shadow Seven is a unique tactical strategy mobile game developed by Neptune. Set in a world struck by evil and chaos, Shadow Seven follows the story of the Moonlight Mercenaries who have sworn to bring back peace and protect the world from the Demon Duchess’ destruction.

In Shadow Seven, players take command of the Moonlight Mercenaries (also known as Captains) who battle against an enemy Captain in a chessboard-like arena. The Captains take turns in controlling their different character units on the board to take down the enemy Captain quickly. Each player is also equipped with a deck of cards that they can use to heal units, enhance units, or control the entire game board. Turn the tide of battle by activating the best card for the situation!

Players can enjoy playing Shadow Seven in the compelling single-player Story mode or against another player in PvP Duel mode. Players can also test their limits in the PvE Boss mode where players face against different enemy Captains that get progressively powerful in every match. Shadow Seven players can collect different unique Character pieces and Spell pieces to make their army of mercenaries stronger.

Shadow Seven is filled with stunning anime-style graphics and admirable characters brought to life by famous Japanese voice actors such as Yamashita Daiki, Itou Kanae, and Kayano Ai to name a few.

Shadow Seven will start its Early Access on December 3, 2019. The official global release on Android and iOS devices is expected to arrive in early 2020. Stay tuned for more updates!

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