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XII Braves, the creators of the hit mobile RPG ‘Valiant Force’ has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Shining Beyond. Players from all over the world can now download the game from your local Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Shining Beyond was also recommended by Google Play Store as “hottest pre-registration game”.

Founded in 2014, XII Braves is a fairly young mobile game developer based in Singapore. Their first mobile title, Valiant Force, was launched in 2016 and did fairly well with tons of interesting and innovative content at that time. Now with their second mobile title – Shining Beyond, XII Braves is ready to show the world a newly improved epic adventure.

Launch Rewards  

With over 500,000 people who have participated in the game’s pre-registration campaign, all Players will be rewarded exciting and exclusive rewards such as the Hero – Olivia, Olivia’s School Uniform Costume and even an Immortal’s Valour Wings. The best of all, all Players will receive 10x Premium Summon Tickets to kickstart your adventure in the world of Shining Beyond. Are you ready to summon your first UR Hero?

Shining Beyond Story

In a World enslaved by Darkness, a small group of heroes band together in defiant resistance. Their aim is to rise up against the New Empire, and shine beyond the darkness, becoming a beacon of hope against this Tyranny.

In an epic tale running parallel to the events of Valiant Force, our hero Jake is furiously fighting his own battle against his own personal demons. With the help of his friends and trustworthy allies, Jake must fend off waves of dark forces pouring out of an Abyssal gate, holding off the minions whose only goal is to rejoin Emma’s main forces and commence their takeover of Arathos.


Shining Beyond is a hero collection RPG with an idle-action hybrid gameplay. The game combines fast-paced action gameplay with an offline AI system that aids in hero progression. The first thing that caught my eye was that, there are now cutscenes in the game to aid tell the story of this new adventure. Although this is nothing new for recent triple-A titles, I’m really glad that our local developers are willing to put in that extra effort to make game story telling a more flashy experience.

As for the actual gameplay, Shining Beyond uses a dungeon exploring system with automated action combat. Each time the Player enters a mission, the game will randomly generate a brand-new battlefield through its AI system, creating a unique experience with each playthrough. Although combat is automated, there are still certain tactical decisions that Players can make to help turn the tides of battle. For example, character skills can be manually activated by tapping on the skill icons. This is especially important if you want to interrupt an enemy skill by stunning them or healing your teammates when their HP is low. Also, you can avoid the Boss’s skill by moving your team away from the skill telegraph. This is done by simply tapping and holding on to the are you would like your team to move to.

Other Features

Besides the main story campaign, there are other game modes available in the game for unique rewards such as the Daily Dungeons, Tower, Event, Arena and of course the Idle system. Players will be able to obtain rewards such as Gold, Job Relics, Hero Shards, Equipment and many more.

Hero Collection

Based on the trailer above, we can see that there are currently 48 different heroes in the game for Players to collect. Each hero has its own in-depth job system. There are 4 main jobs in the game, Warrior, Rogue, Archer and Acolyte. As Players progress through the game, you can further branch out into other sub-Jobs such as Crusader, Assassin, Ranger, Samurai, Mage and many more up to 18 different Jobs.

There are 4 different rarities in the game from R, SR, SSR and UR. Each different Hero has his or her own base rarity however, all of them can eventually be promoted to the final UR+ rarity and increase their based stats by over 600%.

Social Media

Looking for a Sanctuary to spread the songs of your adventure? Fret not as there are many different offline platforms where you can mingle around with fellow Adventurers. Players can head on to the official Shining Beyond Facebook, Discord, Instagram and YouTube channel. There, you can chat and exchange your experiences with fellow Players, participate in exclusive Facebook or Discord only events, get first-hand information on the game’s updates and many more.

Adventurers! Wait no longer and download the game now to begin your new adventure.

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