SINoALICE – Rerolls and Tier List


The game is finally here!

Rerolling is very simple this game!

  1. Start the game
  2. After 1 minute, you will be able to perform your first tutorial Summon
  3. There are 3 Jobs available in the tutorial Summon; Minstrel Gretel, Healer Alice, and Breaker Cinderella.


  • This is a Weapon-based game thus characters are not as important compared to other gacha games.
  • You will need a wide range of weapons to equip on your character so that they can perform more action per recovery.
  • Weapons will perform best when equipped on a suitable Job.
  • With that, you will want to get as many SR weapons as possible.

More Jobs can be unlocked by playing the game’s story mode or Summon Banner.


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