Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise – Giveaway


To celebrate the receiving of the “People’s Choice” award from the 1st International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) for Southeast Asia region,  VNG Game Studios and Kongbakpao have come together to organise a giveaway event for the Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise Players!

Raise a garden of flowers on the cloud! Harvest seeds of plants, grow them in unique pots. Upgrade your hundred of unique pots and trade with friends. Explore the world on paradise, run your own garden with other online players around the world.


Each gift code will contain these following below:

  • 1 Decor of Lantern
  • 1,000 Hearts


How to Redeem?

  1. Enter your email address below to receive a key.
  2. Each account can only redeem 1 key so there is no point in getting more.
  3. Open in-game “Game Setting”
  4. Click the button “Giftcode”
  5. Input the code and “Accept”

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