Smash Land – Soft Launch


Recently, a lot of big titles are ninja publishing their new titles in the Canada Play/App Store, and Mobile Giant Supercell has also joined in the bandwagon to launch their latest mobile game, Smash Land in the Canadian Stores. Supercell fans read on to find out more about this new game.

Smash Land is a new sling-shot game from Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clan and Boom Beach. Unlike most Sling-shot games that comes from Japan (Monster Strike, Sangokutaisen Smash!, Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval), Smash Land is different in terms of the overall gameplay or rather a different Genre from the rest. I would consider the game more on the side of a Casual Strategy game similar to Candy Crush.

kbp_smashland_game1 kbp_smashland_game2


Although there are no Gacha system in Smash Land, there are still characters that players can unlock with ingame Gold. Currently, there are 10 different characters that players can unlock as they progress into the game. You can also level your character’s skills which is charge by the number of bounce in game.

kbp_smashland_game6 kbp_smashland_game7


Although different from the Japanese Sling Shot games, Smash Land does have it’s own Boss type enemies and PVP arena. The game stresses on the strategic play made by players to complete its stages.

kbp_smashland_game4 kbp_smashland_game8 kbp_smashland_game5


Smash Land is out now on the Canadian App Store and it’s free for all to download.


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