Soccer Spirits : Basic Guide


After playing the game for the past 3 days, once again I’m really impress by the Koreans for making such a wonderful CCG game. Unlike most CCG games where you simply *insert 5 star card* -> tap a few buttons -> win, Soccer Spirits require more strategic thinking, patience, character building and luck to win the game.

The game is really good and I highly recommend it to CCG players, or if you like collecting those Waifus. Unlike conventional soccer games, you play only 1 half of a soccer game (45 in game mins) and only require One goal to win. However, do note that similar to most CCG games out there, the game can be quite cash-intensive for competitive play.


Currency and Points

Crystals – Cash Currency use for Premium Draw, Expansion of Lodging, Recover ST/BP, Purchase Gold. Acquire them by complete quest, achievements, given as from event, or purchase with real money.
Gold – Use for training characters.
GP – Currency for the “Scouting” Shop. Acquire them by Premium Gacha, Colosseum Match and Galaxy League.
ST – Stamina, you need this to play in Story Mode and Space Time Continuum. Regenerate 1 per 5 mins
BP – Battle Points, you need this play in Colosseum of Despair. Regenerate 1 per 3 mins
BB – Battle Ball, you need this to play in Galaxy Super League. Regenerate 1 per 20 mins

Game Mode


Story Mode (PVE) – Your normal PVE map, you get 5 crystals for completing each stage and 3 crystals for completing challenges.
Space Time Continuum (PVE) – This is the event map, acquire special characters or evolve materials, exp penguins here.
Colosseum of Despair (PVE) – This is a Ranking challenge map. Players will have to defeat NPC teams which will increase its difficulty exponentially. Rewards will be given every Monday after the ranking resets.
Galaxy Super League (PVP) – This is your PVP map where players will play with AI controlled real player’s team in a top 16 match-up. You get to reset the league for free once per day after which, it only cost 3 GP to reset, which you can earn back by winning 1 match. There are 7 different leagues; Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond – Champions – Galaxy. The higher you climb up the league, the better the final reward when winning the champion.



Like I mention at the beginning of this guide, there are many things you have to take note during deck building. Elemental differences, player attributes, player rarity, manager passives, and many other things will decide whether you win the match.

– Max level for each player is 50, after which you can evolve it and increase its rarity once.
– Skill points are given every 5 levels.
– Equip Spirit Stones (runes) to raise player’s stats.
– Choose your Ace player (leader skill) in relation to your team.
– Take note that 5* characters are denote by a single big yellow star. Do not accidentally delete it. There is no 1* character in this game. 

Player Type
Striker – Increase shoot Attack Power by 5%. Players with “Shoot” skill.
Attacker Decrease the inflicted damage by 20% when you have the ball. Decreases the inflicted damage by 30% with a penetration. Players with “Penetration” skill.
Leader –  Get 15% bonus spirit with a pass. Get 15% bonus spirit with an attack. Players with “Strategy” skill (Buffs or Heals).
Assist – Increases pass effect by 10%. Players with “Pass” skill.
Defender – Increase Defense by 5% and recovery power by 10%. Decreases the inflicted Damage by 30% with an attack. Players with “Steal” skill.
Manager – Sponsor, Trainer and Scout.  


The Elemental differences are as follow:
Ardor > Whirlwind > Thunder >Light  > Dark > Ardor 



Building Your Team

Like most mobile CCG, the early stages of Deck (Team) building is limited to your current “Cost”. For players who wish to reset and start their game with a 5* player, I would recommend getting a Attacker or Striker first as it helps in leveling your fast. Every player has its own preferred playing position. Place players in their preferred position to gain stat bonuses. You will want to priorities placing the wing-players first as it’s easier to penetrate from the side rather than the middle.  Look out for players with HIGH SPEED.

The Game

There are 3 mini battlegrounds in a game, your own court, middle court and opponent’s court. The objective of the game is to bring the ball up into the opponent’s court score one goal against the opponent within the 45 mins game time to win the game. The game starts with a coin toss to decide if you attack or defend first. Players have 4 different options to choose from during attacking and defending.



Penetration – Attempt to bring the ball up one court. It’s also use to injure the opponent’s last line of defense before attempting to shoot.
Pass – Passing the ball will increase the Attacking Power of the receiver. Always pass the ball if you think you can’t defeat the player before you or when your current player is low on HP.
Shoot – Attempt to score a goal. Shooting will deal more damage to the receiver compared to penetration. However, if you do not score a goal after shooting the ball, possession will change. Sometimes, you need to shoot early knowing you can’t score, so as to deal a big chunk of damage to the goalkeeper.
Skill – You can use your skill when your skill bar is filled. Fill up your skill bar by passing the ball and holding on to possession.



Block – Blocking will decrease the opponent’s action bar thus forcing him to pass the ball to another player who’s action bar is full. Use this when you can’t defeat the player before you and force him to pass the ball to a weaker player.
Steal – Attempt to steal the ball by damaging the opponent. When the opponent’s HP reach 0, you’ve successfully stolen the ball and regain possession.
Skill –  You can’t really use this unless your player is a defender type.

Penguin Timing


Elemental Timing

kbp_ss_elemental time

Quick Tips

– Save up Crystals and do 10+1 draws.
– Expand your “Scouting” Shop to increase the your chance of getting rare cards.
– Level your team when you are stuck in a high difficulty Story quest or Colosseum.
– Even though you are stuck at a certain Colosseum stage, do take part in it even if its a lose as you will still acquire exp.
– Always remember to add your skill points.
– Don’t forget to equip Spirit stones, and level them.
Penguins are use for leveling your players.
– Always force an attack and defend by the side of the field.
– Pass the ball!
– Equip players with skills that can pass the ball without a direct confrontation. This is very useful for players with weak defensive or mid liners.
– Leave a comment below if you have any questions.
– Enjoy the game.

That’s all for the basic guide. Will write more about the Spirit Stones and player details when I’m more familiar with them.


  1. I got 2 question to ask as i had been wondering this for awhile, when you evolve a card will its lose its previous spirit stone (Runes)? 2nd question: when we evolve our cards, will the base stats of the evolved card be stronger then before we evolve our lv50 cards?

    • try to win the game fast. Damage dealt by a single player will affect the score too.
      Try to get a good striker and do maximum damage when scoring

  2. excuse me,
    how do you actually use evolved neris? do we need to do all the hard work of making superb power up thing to get a 5* card?

  3. Please help.
    How to win 2 times by using your shooting skills. I used Sam and used his shooting skill and shot in goal, but my achievement was not recognized.

  4. Please help.
    How to win 2 times by using your shooting skills. I used Sam and used his shooting skill and shot in goal, but my achievement was not recognized.


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