Soul Seeker – F2P Handbook (Guide)


Let me start by saying this; realistically, this is one of those games where you need to spend a lot of money to remain competitive in the PVP arena. However, if you enjoy Korean Monster Breeding Games and wonder how you can maximize your resources to breed those powerful 6* monsters, read on and I’ll share with you how you can enjoy the game for free!

If you haven’t realised, there is a basic guide for the game which you can access from the “Event” tab in game. It covers most of the basic stuff of the game which I will not touch. This guide is written to help F2P (and low spenders) players on how to prioritize the usage of the Gems and how to maximize your resources so that one day, you can also be competitive in the Arena.


The Basics

Soul Seeker is a ARPG + Monster(soul) Breeding game. Players need to equip themselves with powerful souls to defeat difficult stages. Breeding high rarity souls can be costly thus maximizing the usage of your free Gems is important for F2P players. As much as possible, try not to spend your gems on 3~6☆ draws unless you are super lucky or a hacker. As mentioned above, money can buy almost everything in the game, including levels, high rarity souls/weapons and even time. Thus if you are not willing to spend, the alternative route is to work hard and grind smart.

How to get Free Gems:

1. Level every single Soul to level 30 and you’ll be rewarded with 20 gems. This will only work once per Soul independent of its rarity
2. Complete Achievements
3. Daily Logins
4. Invite a Fried Reward
5. Throw the Goblin Marble!
6. Participate in the Arena
7. Ranked in the Arena
8. Tower of Devils
9. Pray that one day I’ll give you some 😛


Here’s a list of items you should spend you Gems on:

1. In-game Gold – Upgrading souls in game require a lot of gold. The amount of gold spent is fixed based on the rarity of the Soul that you want to upgrade and not the rarity of the folders (5☆-12k/folder, 4☆-9k/folder, 3☆-6k/folder).
2. Keys – As I’ve mentioned, if you’re not spending, you have to work harder by grinding out more Souls to upgrade and evolve.
3. EXP Pots – Only buy this once you chalked up lots of spare 2-3☆ Souls and Keys. This will help speed up the process to quickly get your full team of 4☆ Souls.
4. Drawing – If you’re doing the 3~6☆ draw, remember to only do it when you can at least draw more then 5 times. The first draw cost 75 Gems but subsequent draws only cost 64 Gems. Thus only draw Souls when you have collected enough gems to draw many times at once.


Forming your Party

There are many things to consider when forming your party such as Skills, Bonus Effect and Support Effect. However, since this is a beginner guide, I shall touch on the basics. If possible, always use a Melee Soul as your main character. Melee Souls can hit multiple enemies more easily compared to range characters. Also, Melee Souls tend to have higher defense thus can take a beating compared to the Range Souls.

For rarity progression, I would suggest to form a full team of the same rarity and the proceed to the next ☆ compared to rushing for a 5☆ unit and you’re left with 1-3☆ Monsters. The step by step method will ensure that you have at least 3 Souls to powerlevel other characters and also a full team to do the Arena. There are rewards for just participating in the Arena and also a ranking reward. Although you might not get a good ranking at the start but free gems are free gems, you should get it.

Leveling your Characters


Leveling your characters to 30 is easy. When you’re stuck and you need a better Soul to challenge the harder stages, always grind on the furthest stage the you can handle and complete within a minute. This helps to maximize the amount of Experience especially if you’re using the EXP Potion.

When upgrading your Souls, try to use the soul of the same rarity or not less then 2☆ levels to save Gold. For example, 3☆ Souls use only 1-3☆ folders while 5☆ Souls use only 3-5☆ Souls.


That’s all for now, I’ll update with a more comprehensive guide once I’m more familiar with the game. Till then, grind hard people!




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