Soul Seeker – Global Launch


Com2US has always been publishing quality games and this, Com2US is releasing a brand new Action RPG game with Monster Breeding mechanics.



Soul Seeker plays a little different from the conventional ARPG games. Players will make a party of 5 to challenge difficult stages. However, Players will only be able to control 1 character / monster at a time. The other 4 party members will act as a stat buff for your main character. As each character / monster has only 1 active skill, this active skill will also be transferred to your main character that you control. It is important to mix and match your party members to balance out offensive and defensive skills when facing tough Bosses.

kongbakpao_soulseeker_game1 kongbakpao_soulseeker_game4

If you’ve played Hello Heroes or Guardian Stones, you’ll find that the evolving system is similar where mixing 2 same rarity monsters will give you are random monster of the next rarity. This is also the best way to obtain a 5-6 * monster. Thus, it would be better to spend your crystals on buying gold or keys to slowly evolve a high rarity monster rather than wasting those crystals on the very low rate Gacha.



The game is currently soft launched (Android) in certain countries and the official launch will start 2 days later on the 29th of Jan for both iOS and Android. Players who are interested can pre-register the game to obtain a free 4* character.

The game has official launch and is out now on both Android and iOS. Download the game now for a fun action oriented ARPG!




Android Link

iOS Link




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