Stardust Story – Out now on iOS


Glambox recently released their flagship game, Stardust Story on the Japanese Playstore and App Store. The game is really good with cute graphics and easy to pickup mechanics. I highly recommend the game to players who likes the RPG genre.


Stardust Story is a 2D RPG game with tons of cutesy weapons and armors for players to collect. The game has 4 main classes; Warrior, Thief, Mage and Cleric. However, when you max your job level, you’ll be able to unlock other more powerful classes that are related to your base class. Altogether, there are 25 job classes for players to mix and match with.



The main Gacha for the game are the weapons and armors. At the start of the game, it’s important to quickly get a piece of armor if not, you’ll actually find yourself dying from the 3rd stage onward. Each melee weapon can deal different AOE attacks (Row or Column). Equip a mix of weapons to clear thrash mobs faster. One thing I don’t like about the game is that normal melee attacks can Miss it’s target which prolongs the fight on thrash mobs for quite a bit. Characters are unlocked as you progress throughout the game thus players do not have to worry on Gacha-ing a SSR character.

kongbakpao_starduststory_game2 kongbakpao_starduststory_game3


All in all, Stardust Story is a fun and cutesy RPG game. It kinda reminds me of Ragnarok Online with it’s art-style and Job Level System. The game is out now on both the Japanese Play/App store. As usual, you can download the game on Qooapp and I highly recommend the game for it’s Casual RPG gameplay.

Here’s a video I recorded:


Android Link
iOS Link



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