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Previously I wanted to compile all the guide into one page but realized that there are just too many information on the game thus I’m going to compile based on topic instead. Please feel free to give me any feedback in the comments below. For new players, you might want to read my basic guide here before reading this. Disclaimer: most of these information are gathered through multiple forums, wiki and my personal experience. I do not claim credit to ALL the details.

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Runes runes runes! The heart and soul of the game. Runes are the most important equipment for your monsters and it is important to know what are they, and how does it fit your monster.

Things to know about Runes

1. There is a chance to fail when you upgrade your runes from +4 on-wards.
2. The cost of leveling your runes are different based on it’s rarity and grade.
3. The stats on runes can be stacked.
4. The Color of the runes depicts it’s rarity.

color code

5. Choice for runes : Grade (no. of stars) > Stats > Rarity.
6. Always use runes with percentage stats and grade of at least 4 and above.
7. When everything is on equal ground, runes will be the deciding factor for the victor.


Rune Drops

Dungeon DiffcultyRune Grade
Normal Mode1 ★、2 ★
Hard Mode1 ★、2 ★ 、3 ★ 、4 ★ ( Low chance )
Hell Mode3 ★、4 ★ ( stage 1 ~ 6 )、5 ★ ( low chance at last stage )
Dragon's LairVampire Rune
Giant's KeepRandom, Despair, Violent

Rune Set Bonus



4 new runes were added for the 1.3.1 patch:




None of the new runes really shine compared to the old ones. The Revenge rune will probably be the only useful sub-rune for high-tier play.


Rune Slot and Stats

Rune slot

Slot positionPrimary StatsSpecial Stats
2Attack, Hp, Def (Numerical value or %)Attack Speed
4Attack, Hp, Def (Numerical value or %)Crit Rate (%), Crit Damage (%)
6Attack, Hp, Def (Numerical value or %)Effect Resist (%), Effect Acc (%)

Rune Base Stats

rune base stats

Rune Incremental Stats

Rune incremental stats
Stats increase are fixed numerical value

 Prefix Name

Some runes have a secondary stat (just below the primary) and are fixed and cannot be upgraded. However it act as a bonus 5th stat. These runes have a prefix in front of the rune name (eg. Powerful Blade Rune).

PowerfulAttk %
Quick SPD
ResistantEffect RES %
DurableDef %
IntricateEffect ACC%
FatalCrit Rate %
CruelCRI Dmg %

Equipping Runes

There is no hard and fast rule on how to equip runes for your monsters. However, you want to equip runes that will help boost the skill or nature of the monster. For example, for monsters that are tanky and has skills that increases it’s damage based on it’s HP, you would want to equip it with Energy Rune instead of Endure Rune. For Attack monsters with low HP, don’t bother trying to increase it’s hp but instead, equip them with runes that will help in their damage such as Attack, Speed, or Critical damage to quickly take down the opponent instead. For healers, you need to balance between HP for sustainability and Attk to make their heals powerful.

General Guidelines 

Attack Monsters:
Slot 1 – Attack
Slot 2 – SPD
Slot 3 – DEF
Slot 4 – Attack %
Slot 5 – HP
Slot 6 – Attack %

Slot 1 – Attack
Slot 2 – HP
Slot 3 – DEF
Slot 4 – HP%
Slot 5 – HP
Slot 6 – HP %

Slot 1 – Attack
Slot 2 – Spd / HP%
Slot 3 – DEF
Slot 4 – HP%
Slot 5 – HP
Slot 6 – Effect resist/acc / HP%

For my next guide, I will write about the how to set up your party to complement the party’s weaknesses and strength to strive in PVP and PVE. So stay tune for more!!! >>>>>>> Like there and comments below 😀


  1. How can I find a specific rune? For example HP energy rune.. I always ending up getting def. Please help.

    Thank you

    • it’s all based on luck… look at the chart above, farm on the relevant stage and map.
      As for the stats, make sure that the piece that you are farming has the stat that you want. For example, if you want HP on your rune, note that slot 3 only has defense for its stat.

  2. Nice guide. But don’t agree with use only 4* runes and above. If you look at the difference between 3*, 4* and 5* on the % ones, even at max level +15 it’s very small. While the 3*s are much easier to obtain and cheaper to upgrade. The cost to benefit ratio is not there imho. I prefer 3*s over 4* unless the 4* has multiple additional stats I like pre-upgrade, but definitely won’t farm for them specifically.

  3. Nice guide,
    and could you please share me some instruction for the rune of ArchAngel, water fairy ( get at the beginning of game) and the water inu.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. As a general rule of thumb.. when do you flat vs percentage? I have a fire death knight and I don’t know whether to use flat AD or percentage AD on his first slot.

    • Slot 1 is always AD only. Always go for Attk % over flat AD unless your monster’s base ATTK is really very low (usually 2-3 * monsters only).

  5. Excellent guide man!!!!
    Congratulations indeed. just got a tiny bit of suggestion, you could perhaps add another table that includes the cost of upgrading them according to their grade and that would be just all there is to know about them.
    Anyway really useful and really loved it….

  6. Hi,
    I don’t get your advice to allways use HP% over HP. Isnt there a breaking point? For example: you have a monster with 3000 HP and you have two 4* HP runes on level 12, one %, one not, these should be your results:
    Rune 1: 31 % of 3000 = + 930 HP
    Rune 2: + 1240 HP

    In this example the breaking point seems to be 4000 HP, but of course it varies according to the runes. Did I see something wrong here?

  7. hi ,

    if you say:
    for attack mons
    Slot 1 – Attack
    Slot 2 – SPD
    Slot 3 – DEF
    Slot 4 – Attack %
    Slot 5 – HP
    Slot 6 – Attack %

    this implies what? i dont get this. sorry still a newbie. tia

  8. i ask something to everyone. .does everyone hunt at mt.siz?. .couz i looking for 4* 2-4-6 att% rune but my luck is sucks.. i want att% couz fatal runes must be loot there..i always loots 3* att% but there are big difference with each other(i mean 4*) just unlucky and wait for the good magic shop opens or still hunt at mt.siz to get my luck though?. .

  9. Runes 5 and 6 * worth only,do not upgrade more than level 6 the 4 *runes and below,thats truth! Also you can get 5 to 6 * runes in giants,dragons or necropolis on b6 onwards,dont worry about beating b9 b10 because youll get shit runes a same as you was playin on b6

  10. I want to know if that Rune #1 Attack is helping the damage of my Fire Panda or if its attack stat is completely useless as it says to increase its HP to increase its Damage or something of that nature.

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