Summoners War Event – 11/12/14


2 new Events are up on Summoners War




Event 1 

3* Water Bounty Hunter

From now till July 16th, play in the new Bounty Hunter’s Secret Dungeon to collect Summoning Pieces and summon a Water Bounty Hunter.

I know many of you are waiting for me to release the 3* chart for reference (188 LIKES on FB for early release!). Let’s just say, its worth farming the water bounty hunter as a fodder for leveling  skill 🙂


Event 2



From now till 23rd July 2014

Clear Missions in each zone map 30 times regardless of Difficulty or Map Number to unlock 1 of the 3×3 boxes.
Clear all 9 boxes to collect the final reward of a Mystic Scroll and 10k Mana Gem.


QNS: Must I clear all the Zones in all difficulty level?
ANS: No. You can just do normal mode, Map 1, 30 times to clear 1 box. Thus repeat the steps 9 times in the 9 different zones

QNS: How do I win?
ANS: Once you clear a zone/map 30 times, the box for the relevant map will be completed. Complete 3 in a row or column to win a prize.

QNS: I’ve completed all the maps already. Why don’t I get any reward.
ANS: If you’ve completed all the maps before the event started, it will not count. The purpose of the event is to make players revisit the zones.


137 more Likes to 3* Chart~~~ Let’s do it guys!



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