Summoners War – How to summon 4/5* Monsters (Rumours) updated 2 myths!


I’ve been following a lot of sources and came across many myths on how to effectively summon 4/5* Monsters.

Disclaimer: These are methods told by players. I do not guarantee any of these methods and will not be liable if you do not summon any 4/5* Monsters. Ultimately, it’s still based on your luck. This is just for fun :).



1. Crystal summons have better chances of obtaining 4/5 * monsters  compared to Mystical Scrolls.

– Use unknown scrolls.
– Get consecutive 2* monster summons 3 times in a row.
– Use Crystal Summon
– Lightning strikes and there’s your 4/5 * monster.

3. Find your own auspicious timing.

4. Similar to the 2nd method, use unknown scrolls to “wash” away all the bad rolls first, and once you think it’s enough, use your mystical scrolls or crystal summons.

5. Shake your phone while summoning (make sure no one is around or they’ll think you’re mad).

6. When someone summon’s a 5 * Monster, summon exactly 30 minutes later to get your own 5* Monster (Provided by *~Tia~*)

7. Summon immediately after you get a 4/5* to acquire another 1 immediately (Provided by JeffTan)


I’m sure all of you have your own private method and believes. Why not share them in the comments below and who knows, one of you might be correct about the “random summons”



  1. I got more then 10 4* monsters my summoning method is simple works everytime. First i use 3 unknown scrolls(dont matter what star) then i use 2 mystical scrolls keep repeating until you satisfied.

  2. last time i got some luck :)) i just spoke with the phone something like ” ok f this game these 13 mystical skrolls will only give me 3 stars or 4 star awakened ( not natural ex awakened werewolf or harpy)” then i summoned some 3 star the i was like :”whatever…” then ” oooo sparks ” boom water sylphid…. yeah wind would have been better but meh 😀 i`ll take it … then ” some other shit monsters i guess i just have food now” then ” ooo sparks ” boom kobolt bomber.. then .” ok i already got 2 no chance to get another i only have 4 ms left” then boom fire sky dancer :))
    and all these came at lvl 37 when all my good 4 star natural monsters were shimitae, chloe water vamp i got quite late didnt work on him.. even now he is soo weak… at lvl 36 i even wrote a complain to the site…. i mean i was mad on the rng in this freakn game.. i was lvl 36 only had 2 freakin 4 star natural…. i had nothing to help me …. 5 star is a dream that atm is quite impossible for me .. even now.. i feel so bad.. when i see ppl ( lvl 20-30) with natural 5star and/or more than 10 natural 4star … even saw a guy … i was asking for ppl with good rep to help me do b7 giant yeah freakin giant b7 at lvl 379others my lvl already are at b9 or more or they auto the floor i`m struggling to beat)… and there it was a …lvl 29 asking about b9 asking a good rep so he can do b9 .. imagine how i feel

    • ohhhh i was hoping that i will have many 5 and 6 stars monsters when i reach lvl 30 and i will pass all the dungeon halls but after ur comment i’ll kill myself easier.
      so disappointed and disheartend lol 😀

      • It’s not that easy, I am lvl 26 and have 5 natural 4 star monsters, one of them is 5*, and can not defeat any hall/giant/dragon b7 🙁

    • its ok. this happens to everyone. though you may not have many 4*s, many 3* and below monsters are great. for example, ramagos (wind warbear), konamiya (water garuda), lulu (water howl), raoq (fire inugami), ahman (light bearman), belladeon (light inugami), megan (water mystic witch), shannon (wind pixie) and many more. ramagos clean shot is great, konamiya and lulu heal and get rid of all bad effects, raoqs passive (annihilate) gives an extra turn when you kill an enemy, ahman can heal your team, bella can remove beneficial effects and raise your attack bar and heal, megan gives you a great attack and defense buff along with a attack bar booster, and shannon raises your attack and defense. if you have alot of three star monsters, work on fusing as many monsters as you can, because fusion can give you four and five stars. though you may already know these great monsters that are lower than 4*, im just helping to remind you that even without all the luck in the world, you can still get somewhere. dont get discouraged just keep trying. good luck ^-^

    • Hey, just to let u know and sorry for making u even more jealous but u should know this. I am level 29 and I have 1 Nat 5 and have about 10 Nat 4s and am f2p. Basically, all I do is buy a premium pack every 4 weeks and get a few from shop and do 3 scrolls a week. When I am farming dungeons and I get unknown scrols 3 times in a row, I quickly go to the summoning circle and do 2 scrolls. 4/5 times I got Nat 4s. That’s all I do

    • got my 1st nb5* on lvl 9 charlotte… then next is when im in lvl 36 , fire dessert queen.. all from crystal summoning… no rituals needed… I just summon monsters whenever I have 75 crystals… now I had tons of NB4* from crystals… try it… got my acasis, Gemini, fedora, 2 yen, and some other 4 star…

    • Believe me, they are suck. People who get natural born five is cash player. My fren, has been out of money to buy anything, but, see. He just get natural born 5 at lvl 40, all we did is all about, focusing, struglling. We should hard work and strugling and thinking under beyond to get more something big after. Just focus. Keep hoping, God hearing 🙂

  3. Well, i observed that every 11:00pm (Malaysia Time) players are able to summon a 5* monster . Which showed in chat.

    So i tried and it came out fire lich.. better than nothing for me..

  4. nice 😀 i got phoenix fire. on lvl 9 . same trick like u . but i use rainbowmon just until *3 .and i use my mistic scoll from wish . hhaa . this trick im use until now . im lvl 38 . this trick work for me . i get jun . sylphid wind 2 . vamp fire and water. jojo.lushen.etc . but my scrol ligh dark . just got sepent light hhaa np .

  5. First, i summon 8 uknown scroll, then i got Elemental, then i open Mystical Scroll And BAM BAMM i Got Wind Rakshasa. Good Than Nothing!

    • same with me, I’ve got 7 NB5s when I hit level 39 1 of which is dark and 2 fakes but when when I reached lvl 40 all my summons are now crap :(. Good thing I almost got all the monsters that I wanted when I was a lowbie. They are my 7 NB5s: Camilla, Ariel, Teshar, Charlotte, Leo, Laika and LND Ragdoll. 2 fakes Trevor and Luer.
      My summon trick until now is summon 9 US or Social and then finally summon crystal/MS/LND/Stones 🙂

  6. i had 306 crystals and i summoned them all first i thought i would only get 4* or 3* but then the lightning came and i got fire dragon knight a nat5* then i got water pierret 4* then i got battle mammoth 4*

  7. It’s all random luck on who will get and not get. The % lock down on how many % limit of 4* and 5* mons can be summon per period. It is all programming. No special trick. I’ve seen someone pulled 2x 5* nats from premium pack while others spent $$ on 5-10 premium packs and got nothing other than bunch of 3* and awakened 4*

  8. I’ve saved up three times and collected mix of specific element scrolls mystic scrolls and gems and Stones for a total of 60 tries didn’t get anything the first time second time got two *4 that were good and third a bunch of food I’m about to do my last and finally save up of 70 scrolls and if I don’t get anything good I’m done even the two times I had legendary scrolls they were cap no one is this unlucky

  9. I’m a new player, and I somehow figured out about this trick as well. As I summon monsters with unknown scroll, I noticed that there was a pattern. I also used up all my 11 mystical scrolls and the same pattern happened before I can get good monsters. So, I tried summoning monsters with unknown scroll until a good monster appears, then immediately use mystical scroll. Turns out I got water vampire and wind raksasha with the same method.

  10. Spent over $1000, summoned hundreds of scrolls, I’m estimating around 800 after playing for over an year. Got 0 nat 5’s and few useful nate 4’s. (Out of top 10 rated 4*’s, I only have Chasum) I have over 17 6* monsters but most of them are nat 3’s because I can’t pull any 4 or 5 stars. Rates for 4*’s are around 2.45% and 5*’s are 0% for me. Good luck summoning…

    OH and my friend who is level 29 already has (Wind/Water/Fire) Chimeras, Chow, Light hell lady, Wind Occult Girl, Chloe, Chasum, Verdahile, lushian, Hwa and tons of other 4*s… So yea…

  11. Guys how do you think I feel. I summon 25 mystical scrolls on my account and no 4 stars not even an awakened 3 star. then my friend finds a mystical in the shop and buys it. From one mystical he pulls and polar queen. He is level 20 I’m level 40 without a Nat 5. F### you com2us

  12. I summoned 3 4* by summoning 13 consecutive Unknown scrolls then quickly summon MS
    i got Julien Lushen and Chasun when I was lvl 13 ….
    also got my 1st nb5* wind valk (unlucky Crystal summon) by the same steps @ lvl 18 ….. works every time
    Now I’m lvl 29 I got fire oracle water AA and perna 🙂
    but you must do it when its like lagging a lil bit hope this helps 🙂

  13. I think Leo and Chiwu pattern is pretty obvious. I got them too in a row. This is a pretty true testimony that if you got either of chiwu of Leo you will immediately get the other one.
    I only have this method. do your summoning right after you updated your SW on your phone. I also got Velajuel by this method. And I only do that with 2 mystic scroll and 150 xtals. Just remember the 1 is to 1 pattern. summon first unknown then mystic – unknown then xtals.

  14. I got a lot of nb4* monsters using crystal summons when i do the technique that i watched on YouTube before. I forgot the title but it goes like this:
    First, summon 5 unknown scrolls, at least 2 of the summoned monsters were 2* and the rest is 1*, if a 3* appeared, do it again hours later. If the pattern is correct, proceed to the next step.
    next is power up any monster 3 times without lightning. again, if lightning appears, do not proceed to the next step. If the pattern is correct, summon using crystal summon and wait for the result.

    Using this pattern, i got 2 sky dancers (wind,fire), wind anubis, fire epikion priest and water kobold bomber.
    I also got Adrian (awakened fire elven ranger). and I’m level 20

  15. Hahaha im at lv33 now,i got my first natural 5star when im level 17 and all i did is expect some good nat4 cause i only got magic knight as nat4 when im lv5-lv17 so i expect and expect nat4s to come but then,i summoned a mystical scroll then a lightning just come out then i was expecting a nb4 the boom!nat5 my first nat 5 thr FIRE BEAST MONK!….and i summoned crystals immediately then got fire succubus,water death knight,and a water magical archer….

  16. Well, respectively, it’s all in the program algorithm. Any good hacker that can find the algorithm, will be able to utilize summon all the 4 or 5 stars they want.

  17. wait untill noon EST, go to a random 4 digit channel and pray to com2us to bless you with a nat 6 (yes i said nat 6.) wait 15 minutes open 5 unkown scrolls if they are all the same element then open 2 MS and one of them will be a nat 5 of that element, if the unkowns are not all the same element then wait another 15 minutes and open 5 more then continue to open the 2 MS. for aditional luck (i swear to god im not joking) unsummon 3 nat 3s dont feed them just unsummon them, its like a sacrificial offering to RNGesus the better the nat 3s the more luck. ive gotten 15 nat 5s doing this, and i also got a fake 5 chasun (im totally okay with getting her.)

  18. I tried going along method 2 in a different manner
    – Use unknown/social scrolls.
    – Get consecutive 2* monster summons 2 or 3 times in a row.
    – Use Mystical Scroll
    – Lightning strikes and there’s your 4/5 * monster.

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