Summoners War – Patch 1.2.1


Patch 1.2.1 will be coming sooner then I have expected!


In fact, the game will be patched in 30 minutes time (upon posting this article). However, do note that there are some issues that are coming with the patch

Below are the details :

<Update Details>

▶ New Monsters!

– The Living Armor and Dragon Knight skill issues will be fixed at the next update.


Water Living Armor Glacial Armor (Passive)  This skill decreases the enemy’s Attack Speed when you  are attacked. Currently,  it works when you attack, which will  be fixed soon.
Fire, Wind, Darkness Dragon Knight Torrent  There’s an issue of the skill not ignoring Armor as  intended.


▶ Fusion Hexagram is now available!

– Using this building, you may now make Monsters starting from 4 and 5-Stars! You can purchase this building at the Shop.

– In order to fuse a 4-Star Monster, you need three 3-Star Monsters and one 2-Star Monster. These material Monsters must be awakened and at their MAX level.

– In order to fuse a 5-Star Monster, you need three 4-Star Monsters and one 3-Star Monster. These material Monsters must be awakened and at their MAX level.

– Monsters that can be fused in this update: Phoenix (Water), Nine-tailed Fox (Wind), Joker (Fire), Ninja (Water)”


▶ New Building: Monster Storage

– You can buy this building by going to Shop – Building. Your Summoner level must be over Lv. 20 to buy this building.

– You’ll be provided with 5 slots. You can add up to 100 slots.

– You can’t store Leader Monsters, Monsters in the Arena Defense Team or Monsters that are stationed in buildings that grant XP.

– You can’t Power-up, Evolve, or Fuse Monsters that are stored in the Monster Storage.


▶ Skill errors of some Monsters have been fixed.

Monster Attribute Skill Fix
Inugami Light Mobilize Fixed the problem of the attack gauge of all allies increasing more than the designated value.
Serpent Light Punish (Passive) The issue in which the Skill increased the damage that the target received instead of increasing the Attack Power as originally intended, has been fixed. The stacks will now be displayed.
Gina ( Mystic Witch ) Darkness Thorny Bush Summoning The sleeping effect will now be applied to all enemies.
Pierret Fire Double Shot / Flame Shot The issue in which the icons of the two skill were switched has been fixed.


▶ The Skill tooltips of some Monsters have been corrected.

– Please note that changes have been made to display the correct description, and does not affect the actual game data of the Monsters.

▶ New buildings have been included in the Glory Shop!

– Arcane Booster Tower: Increases the Attack Speed of the Arcane Towers (Up to 20%)

– Collapsed Ancient Guardian: Increases the Critical Damage of your Monsters (Up to 25%)

▶ The Glory Shop has been renewed!

– 3 new attribute-exclusive Summoning Scrolls have been included.

– Angelmons will be at their MAX level when you buy them at the Glory Shop.

▶ The Temple of Wishes has been renewed!

– When you get Runes with Wishes, you’ll get Runes that are 5-Stars or higher and Rare grade or higher.

– The amount of Mana Stones you’ll get from Wishes has increased, and you now have a higher chance to get Monsters.

▶ The User Rating system will be undergoing maintenance.

– We’re going to merge the pages of Monsters at their normal state and awakened state. The User Ratings will not be available until this process is over.

▶ The Devilmon Package will now give you 750 Crystals.

▶ The Retry button has been included in the Cairos Dungeons.

▶ We’ve fixed an issue in which your Monsters would be stationed in an unintended way right after you use a Friend’s Monster as the Leader.

▶ We’ve changed the message that pops up when you are about to sell a Rune of 5-Stars or higher or +9 Power-up or higher.

▶ We’ve resolved an issue that occurred in certain devices in which only 1 line would be displayed in the chatting box.

▶ The issue of Arena Defense Monsters overlapping with other Summoner’s Arena Defense Monsters when you select View More after tapping on a Summoner’s name at the chat box has been fixed.

▶ The issue of the remaining time being displayed incorrectly when you move a harvestable building has been fixed. (Android only)

▶ We’ve lowered the Monster’s texture resolution on low-spec devices to optimize memory.

kbp_sw_patc4 kbp_sw_patc3 kbp_sw_patc2 kbp_sw_patc1


Read the original Patch Notes here


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