Summoners War : Quick Guide


After experimenting the game for a few days and reading on other people’s tips, I decided to sum-up my knowledge and do a quick guide on the basics of the game. First and foremost, this guide is mainly for people who don’t spend any money or a minimal amount on the game. If you’re a big spender, parts of the guide will still be helpful (I hope >.<). Anyway, the game still isn’t out for iOS thus if you want to play it now, you might want to download Bluestacks emulator and play it on your computer. You can find my guide here on how to play on Bluestacks.


Most of you might know by now that the Gacha rate in this game is terrible and unless you are feeling super lucky or super rich, do not attempt to spend your crystals on summoning monsters. Use crystals to recharge your energy which is more beneficial. The energy is better off used to grind more unknown scrolls, runes, and if you’re lucky, you might get an Angelmon. Unlock your Magic shop (at least 4 slots) and check them out on the hour for any legendary runes. If you’re lucky, the shop might even sell you a Mystical scroll for 130k mana gems.


Evolving your Monsters

Pro tip: Any monster that requires High level essences to awaken are 90% GOOD monsters

Having a 4* and above monster is very powerful for your team. However, if you’re a commoner like me who cannot afford or have the luck to gamble, we would have to play the game smart. Most Korean made games want their players to work hard and feel the sense of accomplishment. In Summoners war, it is more rational to upgrade your monsters slowly from a 2* to a 6* rather than gambling for that small chance for a 4-5* monster. Yes it can take a long time but than again, we’re playing it for free.

Prioritizing your monster to evolve depends on several factors. Firstly, it is better to evolve an Awakened monster as you do not need to waste the time on farming the awakened materials. Next, you might want to consider the skills of the monster and decide whether to evolve it or use it as a feeder.

Runes can be obtained by clearing normal exploration maps, buying from the Magic shop or clearing dungeons.There are 4 different roles in the game and it is important to note which role each of your monsters belong to.
Normal Maps : 1 – 2* runes
Hard Maps : 2-4* runes
Hell Maps : 3-5* runes
Here’s a list of “my personal” advice:

Monster RolePrimary Runes - 4 PieceSecondary Runes - 2 PiecePrimary stats to look out
AttackFatal rune, Swift runeBlade rune, Focus runeAttack %,
HPFatal rune, Vampire runeEnergy rune, Focus runeHP, Attack %
DefenseVampire runeGuard rune, Energy rune,
Endurance rune (use this 3 if you cannot farm Dragons yet.)
HP, Def, Resistence
Support (Healer)Swift runeEnergy runeHP... HP... and more HP
Support (CC, Buff)Despair rune, Fatal rune, Swift runeFocus rune, Energy rune, Blade runeSpd, Attack%, HP

Ultimately, you want to match the status effect of the monster’s basic attack with the rune’s set bonus so as to boost it’s effectiveness. It is also important to take note of the stats found on the individual rune pieces. You would want more damage stats on the rune piece rather then defense if you’re equipping a Attack role monster.

PVP is made important in the game as you can glory points to purchase a number of useful items such as mystical scrolls, Devilmon, Angelmon and many other town decorations that can help boost your stats.  Thus it is important to invest in those defense tower to prevent people from hitting you and lowering your Arena Points.  On every Monday, the game your tabulate your ranking based on your Arena points and distribute different rewards. The better your ranking, the more crystals you’ll be awarded. The top few ranker will also receive 2 – 4 * monsters. The most common setup for a 5 monster party will be 1 tank, 1 support, 3 attack/defense monster.


The amount of EXP increases with the Angelmon’s level. When Angelmon is at cap level, it gives a huge chunk of exp to monsters of any element. However, once you evolve the Angelmon, it gives bonus EXP to monsters with the same element with the Angelmon. Therefore, always remember to level cap your Angelmon or evolve them before feeding.

Rainbow Angelmon

Rainbow Angelmons are always dropped with Max level. Therefore it’s a good fodder card if you want to evolve your monsters. For example, if a 2* R.Angelmon drops for you, you can straight away evolve it and use it as a fodder card for your 3* monsters to evolve.

All forms of Angelmon can be randomly dropped from dungeons or Angelmon specific Special Dungeon.


Devilmon are use to level up your Monster’s skill level. As you now know, Summoning high rarity monsters in this game is quite bad (watch my 2 gacha videos). Thus if you get a super rare summon like Dragon or Archangel, the chance for you to summon another of it is super super low (unless you have deep pockets). Therefore, Devilmon is your only way to level your rare monsters skill level.

You can get Devilmon by purchasing it on the Glory Shop. However, you can only purchase once a week. The second method to acquire Devilmon is through the Special Dungeon which only opens during events.

For those who want to gacha~ watch this first!

Here’s the end of my quick guide, and if you have anymore questions please feel free to comment below and I’ll probably combine them and make a part 2 guide or probably make video instead. Also if anything I mentioned above is wrong, please let me know and I’ll quickly edit them out.

I’ve decided to just consolidate and put new updates on this post, so keep coming back and check there’s something new and useful here~


  1. You forgot violent runes which should be used as primary set on just about any monster that has an active or action passive skill. Like raksasha, fire inugami, couple nine tails, light inu, bounty hunter water and fire, and bout a dozen others. But works really great on light bear man. Carter to your role for star bonuses. Ty


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