Summoners War : Team Spotlight 2


I know lately everyone is building the GIMP Rina (water EPriest) build for their defense so here’s one powerful defensive team using the Fire Epriest instead. By the way, there are many ways to counter Rina. One is to use the wind griffin.


I present to you, team “Invincible”


Leader : Chloe (Fire EPriest) – Leader skill 27% added defense to party, Maniac (1 turn invincible + 2 turns immunity)

Dagora (Water warbear): High HP, Self heal, Self Res

Rakaja (Wind Yeti): Team-heals, Stun

Wind Sylphid: Shield, AOE damage+heals

How it works

The fastest way to summarize the build is, shields and heals. Unless you are able to kill off 1 unit (other then warbear) before Chloe’s turn, this team will be quite unbeatable. With Chloe’s defense boost, you wouldn’t want to touch Yeti or Warbear thus Sylphid is your only choice. If you do not manage to kill it, Chloe will cast her Manic which will buy time for Sylphid to cast her shield and Yeti healing it back to full HP. As Chloe is a 4* based monster, her HP pool is higher compared to Rina (water EPriest) which makes her as tanky if not tankier than Yeti or Warbear (slot the best HP runes for her).

With all the shields and heals throwing around, all you have to do is to let the towers do the job.
Note: HP runes for Chloe is very important

Weak against 

I’m sad to say till date, I still do not know how to counter this build without having the 5*units to steamroll it.


If you have any ideas to defeat this, please leave it in the comments below ~~


  1. @xanderlock might as well consider the arena towers, that line up doesnt have enough damage but enough defensive skills to defeat your low hp monsters

  2. Its easy. If you have speed attacker. Ex. I have shylp (water), sieq, phantom thief (fire awaken), and phantom thief wind. First i use sieq for attack and deffence buff, shylp for freeze all enemies . Use phantom thief with supprise visit to kill shylpid wind ( my phantom thief can kill shilpid with one hit) then use phantom thief (wind) with show party (my wind phantom thief can affect damage 3k each monster 4 star below and stun for 1 turn. Its easy when hp enemy decreasing so much i can beat all of them . That is combination for Beat invincible team.and it work. Speed and attack. My id ziezonk. Have 7 five stars monster for attack. And rina then war bear too.

  3. I believe that using a Speed-Based Tyron (Water Slyph) and a despair-build Judo (Fire Oracle) will be enough to either disable the team or taking off the Buffs. (Note-Replacements for Judo include Water 9-Tails, Soha, and more.) Once all buffs are complete use an attacker, say Lushen (Wind Joker), to finish off the rest and kill off all but Warbear (Note: Megan (Water Mystical Witch) can support by increasing your attacker’s damage and Atk Bar). Last, fire an all-out assault on water warbear and victory.
    Tyron: Swift/Focus (Spd+/Atk%/Acc%)
    Judo: Despair/Revenge or Focus (Spd+/Hp%/Hp%)
    Lushen: Rage/Blade (Atk%/Atk%/Atk%)
    Megan: Swift/Energy or Focus (Spd+/Hp%/Hp%)


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