Teria Saga – Upcoming Hybrid System RPG by Netmarble Japan


Netmarble Japan has just unveiled the Closed Beta date of the previously shown Teria Saga! The beta is only limited to Android users for 4 full days from 19th April to 23rd April 2018. This game looks to be quite promising with more light-toned vibrant themes and an exciting twist to traditional skill-activation based mobile RPG.

So what’s the twist? From the trailer and screenshots, it looks like players will be able to position their characters in real-time by swiping or tapping the screen to dodge enemy attacks or enable characters to have a vantage point for their abilities. Another gameplay feature seems to be the Magic Link (star-orbs) system where characters are granted advantage from dodging or counterattacking at the correct timings.

Looks exciting ain’t it? You may check out their latest character showcase trailer here too if you haven’t had enough glimpse of it. I’ll be sure to try out the closed beta when it releases! Do pre-register and support the game if you like it. Ciao~

Netmarble Japan

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