(TGS 2015) Cross Colors – Kuroko no Basket Website UP!


Bandai Namco has announced that they will be publishing the first Mobile Game for the Manga series, Kuroko no Basket. The game’s title is called Cross Colors(黒子のバスケ CROSS COLORS)and is slated to launch in 2016.

Cross Colors is a mobile game based on the famous Manga series, Kuroko no Basuke. Currently, there is a countdown timer on the game’s website as Bandai will release more information about the game on 19 September. As we await for the news, please enjoy some of the artwork they’ve put up.

kbp_kuroko_char7 kbp_kuroko_char6 kbp_kuroko_char5 kbp_kuroko_char4 kbp_kuroko_char3 kbp_kuroko_char2 kbp_kuroko_char1

Visit the Official Website


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