(TGS 2015) Fuji & Gumi Games Introduces 2 New Titles!


Fuji & gumi Games has introduced two brand new titles during TGS 2015 which happened over the weekend. The titles are called For Whom the Alchemist (誰ガ為のアルケミスト) and Shinobi Nightmare (シノビナイトメア). Both games are slated to release early next year!

For whom the Alchemist

For whom the Alchemist is the second SRPG developed by Fuji & gumi after Phantom of the Kill. The game will be story driven where players will get to know more about the lives of the 7 main characters.


What really attracts me is the 3D play field. It’s quite different from most SRPG games which usually uses the 2.5D setting. The game itself have more than 30 different jobs and supports a 4 player co-op system.


Shinobi Nightmare

Shinobi Nightmare is an old-school Dungeon crawler, turn-based RPG Game. Players will accompany their pretty Shinobi and explore beautiful world and dungeons in the game. Players will also have to form a party made up of ancient warriors to help defeat monsters in these dungeons. Dungeons will be filled with traps and monsters thus it is important for us players to protect our pretty Shinobi!


I’m not sure what it is but the trailer did show that you can accompany your Shinobi into a hot spring… hmmm……. Enjoy!


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