The God of Highschool – Global Launch


Pangsky has announced the global launch of The God of Highschool. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

With over 4 million downloads in Korea, The God of Highschool mobile game is a hero collection RPG based on the famous God of High School manhwa (webtoon).

It’s been a long time since we have seen an old-school tap battle game. Players can form a party of up to 6 members and simply tap on your character portrait to activate a combo attack.

There are many other special features in the game such as PVP, Guild competition, Raid Bosses and even a 30v30 PvP featured called the School Competition.

One thing to note, the translation for the ingame text can be a pain especially for Grammar Nazis.



Android Link
iOS Link


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