The Seven Deadly Sins – Death Match (Raid Boss) Guide


Death Match is an event where 2 Players will co-op in real-time to overcome raid bosses in order to receive materials needed to Limit Break your character’s max level. Here are some things you should note before participating in Death Match (DM).

There are 2 ways to participate in DM. You can either Host a DM (up to 6 times) or wait for someone to invite you to a DM (unlimited). For the latter to happen, you need to be idle in the World Map or in Town.

To host a DM, you will need to fight in any Boss Battle. Each time you complete a Boss Battle, the “Death Match Rate” will increase. When it becomes 100%, the DM Boss will be summoned. You can increase the “Death Match Rate” gain by purchasing the following Decorations:


If you are raiding with random members, it is important for you to prepare some Stamps for simple communication. Here are the common Stamps to prepare:

CC – Usable
CC – Unusable
Heal – Unusable
Heal – Unusable 
Request Attack

Red Demon

Element STR Weak Against
Advantage Race Human Disadvantage Race Fairy
Difficulty (combined)
  • [Normal] 80,000
  • [Hard] 120,000
  • [Extreme] 160,000
  • [Hell] 300,000+
Details [Advantage effects]

  • “Human race” deals 30% more damage
  • Increase damage from Charge skill increased by 50%
  • Damage reduced by 30% when “Ban” is attacked
  • [Disadvantage]
  • Bleed / Poison / Shock / Corrosion Immune
  • Increases damage dealt by Boss to Fairy by 30%
  • Reduce damage taken from Special Moves by 30%


Boss Strategy

The first and the simplest boss that require some communication to make the fight very easy. Red Demon is not immune to Freeze or Petrify. The whole idea of this fight is to not allow Red Demon to make a single move. In order to do so, your team needs to have at minimum of 2 CC characters in total, 3 to be safe and 4 to guarantee a win. Communicate with your party member and let them know if you have a CC skill to end the turn. Make sure to cast your CC skill at the “Last Move (6th slot)” so that the CC will not be removed.

Recommended Characters

Individually, you can go 2 CC members and 1 Damage Dealer. Bring along a powerful Support to make sure your CP is high enough so that you can start the battle first.

Damage Dealer (DD)
Character Reason
Charge Deals more damage (ignore def)
High Dmg with high Crit ability


Crown Control (CC)
Character Reason
  • Freeze Skill at 1*
  • Decent damage as a natSSR unit
  • Freeze Skill at 1*
  • Easily available at Coin shop and as a natSR unit
  • Petrify Skill 2*
  • Given Free by completing Main Story


You can replace the Damage characters with any SPD units or units with Charge skill.

Gray Demon

Element SPD Weak Against
Advantage Race Fairy Disadvantage Race Giant
Difficulty (combined)
  • [Normal] 100,000
  • [Hard] 140,000
  • [Extreme] 180,000
  • [Hell] 300,000+
  • Immune to Debuff
  • Flying (immune to melee attacks during this phase)
  • Once “shield” depletes, it will fall onto the ground and be stunned for 1 turn
  • +30% Damage given to Giant race
  • +30% Damage received by Fairy race
  • +50% Damage receive Spike Skill


Boss Strategy

This is a DPS-check battle which require you to have strong HP units and Attack Buffs. Since Gray Demon is a flying unit, you will not be able to attack it with melee base damage until its shield depletes and fall onto the ground. It will also land after 3 turns. Since the boss is immune to any debuff, it is important for your party to have at least one Attack Buffer.

Recommended characters

In a party setting, it is good to have at least 1 Buffer and 1 Healer in the team. Players will need to adjust your setup accordingly.

Damage Dealer (DD)
Character Reason
The best damage dealer for this fight:
– Element advantage
– Race advantage
– Skill advantage
  • Deals good damage with his counter
  • However, you will need to survive until turn 3 when the boss lands to actually be able to deal damage.


Character Reason
  • Buffs the team with up to 30% attack at 3*
  • Buffs the team with up to 60% attack at 3*
  • Easily available at Coin shop and as a natSR unit
  • Heals the team
  • Removes Heal block



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