The Seven Deadly Sins Patch #1 – Great Mage Merlin


Here are the patch notes for our first patch in 7ds!

Meet [Collector] Great Mage Merlin, one of the most powerful magic wielders in The Seven Deadly Sins!

■ [Endless Desire] Pick Up Draw Information
☞ Period: After the 3/10 maintenance – until the 3/17 maintenance
☞ Hero Rate Up: [Collector] Great Mage Merlin

*The Pick Up Bonus Gauge fills separately from [Draw Heroes].
*The Bonus Gauge will reset when Pick Up Draw ends.
*Please note that the bundle to fully awaken Merlin into Tier 6 is on sale!

■ New Hero
☞ [Collector] Great Mage Merlin
*This chart displays the Basic Stats at UR Lv.60.
*This chart displays the Special Association at UR grade.

Note: Her score in JP servers is – 93 points

Other Notes:

■ Chapter 6
– You can acquire rewards for clearing the new locations and story quests.

■ New Content: Knighthood
–  You can create a Knighthood after clearing Chapter 6 <Episode 73-1>.
–  Be sure to visit your Knighthood once every day to receive your [Check-in Rewards].

■ Knighthood Boss Battle Kelak
– When you clear Kelak, you will earn Knighthood Contributions.
– Unlocked at Knighthood Level 3.
– Entry opens 1 week after joining a Knighthood.■ Release the Gray Demon in Death Match 
–  Gray Demon will appear randomly in Death Match after you clear Chapter 6 <Episode 73-1>

■ The Max Player RANK has been raised to 60

■ Heroes can now reach Lv.70 through Limit Break.

■ New Stamp Set
–  King Stamp Set (Price: 20 Diamonds)

■ New Coin Shop Hero
–  Platinum Shop: [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King on sale for a limited time (3/09 8:00 AM – 3/23 07:59 PDT)

■ Limit Break Bundle I Purchase Limit
–  3 times a week → unlimited

■ New Tavern Meliodas Outfit
– Everyday Combat Clothes

■ New Bundles
– [Collector] Great Mage Merlin Full Awakening Bundle

– Limit Break Bundle 2

– RANK UP Bundle IV

– Strength UR Evolution Bundle

– HP UR Evolution Bundle

– Speed UR Evolution Bundle

– Slater Bundle

– King Bundle

■ Other
– The PVP (Elite) bubble icon enlarging issue has been adjusted.
– The issue where, with some Heroes, 2 of the same Hero would appear in the same team in PVP has been resolved.

– The issue what Elaine’s artwork doesn’t show up has been resolved



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