Tom and Jerry: Chase – Pre-registration Now Live For SEA Players


NetEase has announced the pre-registration event for their upcoming 1v4 Asymmetrical game, Tom and Jerry: Chase. The game will be released in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, and East Timor soon.

Tom and Jerry: Chase 1v4 Asymmetrical game played in a Platfomer setting. I remember playing the Chinese version last year and it was quite refreshing and intense.

Players can choose to play as a single lone Hunter, mainly the Cats or 4 Cheese Hunters, which are mainly the Mice.

Players can cycle through many unique modes including Classic Mode, Golden Key Match, Fun with Fireworks, Cheese Frenzy Match, and Beach Volleyball. Each mode provides its own distinct gameplay. Combined with a variety of different maps, including Classic House, Summer Cruise, and Night Castle, this ensures that every game is a fresh experience!

Pre-register Here


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