Top 10 Summoners War Tips


Having played Summoners War for almost 1.5 years now, I have decided to share with you the mistakes I did while playing the game as a newbie. If you avoid making the same mistakes I did, you can progress to end game a lot faster. I define end game as being level 40 and having a solid roster of 6 star monsters.

Tip 1: Focus on Getting a Farmer

Whether you are going to farm in Tamor Desert, Faimon 1 or Aiden 1, you need to decide who your farmer is going to be. Com2us is nice enough to give you the Water Magic Knight. She is good enough to be your Faimon 1 hard or hell farmer if you rune her well. She has to be 6 stars though.

Since everyone is different, you might get really good monsters such as the Fire Neostone Fighter, who can farm Chiruka Hell with decent vampire runes. In that case, use the strong monsters you got instead.

Tip 2: Focus on Getting a Strong 5/6 Star Roster

Upon getting a decent farmer to level your weaker monsters, it is time to focus on having a team of 4 monsters to help you to start doing Giants, Dragons and Necropolis to acquire runes. Normally, you want to 6 star your damage dealer/farmer first. This allows to quickly level your support/healer type monsters to aid you.

Tip 3: Get Belladeon(Light Inugami)

There is a reason why you see high level arena players and end game players use her. She offers defense debuff, beneficial effect removal and an AoE heal with ATB increase. All these skills are vital to end game success. Make sure you keep a lookout on Hall of Light days for the Light Inugami secret dungeon.

Tip 4: Keep All 3 Star Fusion Monsters

I made a few mistakes by feeding fusion monsters away when I needed to 5 star my other monsters. Below is a fusion chart that will help you remember what monsters you need. This is made by Aldares.


Tip 5: Build Your Giant B10 Team

Having a good Giant B10 team will allow you to have a reliable source of mana income and also decent runes. It will also help you do Dragon B10 eventually. Use the cookie cutter team of Shannon, Bernard, Belladeon, Veromos and Rakaja. All these are farmable and you can replace Rakaja with Sigmarius or any other strong wind damage dealer.

Tip 6: Build Your Dragon B10 Team

For Dragon B10, you need a reviver. Briand and Mikene(Fusion) are great choices. Use Mikene if you are unable to summon any revivers. The reason for a reviver is because the Dragon will hit you with a strong counter if you kill either the left or right tower. You need a reviver to make sure your monsters stay alive.

Tip 7: Start Climbing Higher Trial of Ascension(ToA)

If you want a consistent stream of crystals, legendary and light & darkness scroll every month, you need a solid roster to challenge ToA floors. 60+ is where it starts getting tricky as monsters start having higher hp and you can’t just do raw damage and expect to steam roll your enemies.

Important monsters you can get are Veromos, Belladeon, Shannon, Sigmarius and Bernard. All these are farmable and also your Giants B10 team. Once you have this core team, you can start challenging the ToA 100 boss, allowing you to always get at least 500+ crystals monthly. With the daily quests and also arena rewards, you should be able to do a premium summon every month.

Tip 8: Violent Runes are Strong

Once you are able to get hold of 5/6 star violent runes, you can use them in the arena, ToA, dungeons…pretty much everything! The chance to get another turn is too good to pass up. Monsters like Veromos and Belladeon with violent runes are very strong and helpful.

In the arena or guild wars, getting attacked 3 times in a row by Perna is not fun. It is insanely annoying and can swing the battle in your opponent’s favor. The point is, farm as many of these runes!

Tip 9: Join a Guild!

Joining a guild will give you a good way to get 4 star rainbowmons. You can also get fusion materials like the Water Grim Reaper. Try to join an active guild that consistently does guild wars. This will also allow you to get the 3 Ifrits. They could very well be your first natural 5-star monster!

Tip 10: Build Your Arena/Guild War Team

Since most people won’t be able to construct good teams until they are able to acquire the top tier monsters like Chloe, Perna, Iona just to name a few, it is best to focus on PvE content. High level arena is for the end game players and you won’t be able to challenge them unless you have a nice source of crystals weekly, especially for free to play players.



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