Touken Ranbu Online Pocket – Pre-registration and Launch Date Announced


DMM Games has announced that the pre-registration event for Touken Ranbu – Online – Pocket has started and the game is slated to launch on 1st March 2016. To all my female readers, now is time to register for your husbandos!

Touken Ranbu is a strategic card game where players can form a party of up to 6 cards in your deck. I’ve seen videos of the web version and I must say the game seems a little confusing especially if you don’t know Japanese. However, once you’re able to overcome the language barrier and get familiar with the interface, this is probably one of the most comprehensive CCG game. One of my female friend told me that this is one of the most popular CCG of it’s genre.


The Mobile version is a direct port from the Web version thus players can play your same account on both PC and Mobile. 

Pre-register for the game now and be rewarded with character cards once each milestone is met! Gather your friends to unlock more rewards!


Pre-register Here (You’ll need to have the Line app and QR code reader)


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