Triple Hearts – Unleash Your Strategy In Real Time Battle!


Triple Hearts A Strategy game that will let you face the opponent in real time battle. Design your army and display it on the battlefield to conquer the enemy in 1 on 1 arena! Pre-register has started head to the site for exclusive reward on launch date.

Gameplay will be battle against other players in 1v1 arena. Summon your hero and rally your troops to push the lanes, achieve victory by kill 3 enemies’ heroes or destroy 2 enemies’ tower. Utilize your hero and army and outsmart your opponent for a chance of victory. Supported with Ranking System that track your score along with other players worldwide

There are plenty of Hero and Unit to choose from, each of them comes with unique skill and abilities which you can upgrade these units to further enhance their power. Come up with your own strategy to build the strongest deck. Challenge your enemies and become the season Champion!

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