UNDECEMBER’s New Episode ‘Ortemis’ is Coming Soon on Jan 25th!


Hack-and-Slash Action RPG UNDECEMBER announced its next massive update coming on January 25, including the new endgame contents and its third Episode, ‘Ortemis’.

Coming soon through the January 25th update, Episode III Ortemis consists of 24 main stages with new monsters and Bosses. Along with UNDECEMBER‘s latest story arc, the update will bring a new Challenge Mode and a complete overhaul in the endgame content Chaos Dungeon. Rune Hunters will be able to push their limits even further and farm higher tier gears of up to Lv, 120.

More than 30 new Runes and a new Chaos-level Raid also await, and Rune Hunters will be greeted with festive in-game events celebrating the update starting on January 25th.

Check out what’s coming up next through the Ortemis Announcement Video and Episode III Main PV.


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