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3rdKind has recently launched their latest 3D Fantasy Mobile Game, Under Story 〜童話世界の勇者たち〜. The game is currently available on Japan’s App and Play Store. Read on to find out more!

Previously, a lot of games are developed using the RoTK theme but recently, the trend is shifting and people are using more Fairy Tale characters. Under Story is one of them. Under Story is a simple Hack & Slash mobile game. The story tells about a Demon God who invades the Fairy Tale land. In order to restore peace, Players must, with the help of over 240 famous fairy tale characters, defeat the evil Demon God.

kbp_understory_game1 kbp_understory_game2

The game’s combat is pretty simple. It uses the Point and Tap system whereby you tap to move your characters and attack the monsters. You can use your character’s skill by tapping it’s portrait. There’s also a Auto Play system where the AI will move and attack for you. However, you will still need to tap on the character’s portrait to use its skill.

kbp_understory_game3 kbp_understory_game4

Although the game is a Japanese developed game, the Evolution system plays more like a Korean Games. You’ll need to level cap your characters and enchant them before it can evolve. Under Story has other gameplay modes that are commonly seen in the Korean games such as Boss Raids and PvP Arena. However, the most dreaded feature found is definitely the VIP system.


I wanted to record a gameplay video but the servers are having maintenance now so please check back here again to see if I’ve uploaded it. It’s actually a pretty decent game if you can ignore the VIP system.

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