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Super Evil Megacorp, a new development team composed of veterans from Rockstar, Riot and Playfish have announced Vainglory, a MOBA designed specially for Tablets. The game has been in development for 2 years and has secured $15m USD in funding. The game is currently out for testing in the South-East Asia region.



Trailer from MMOCulture

Unlike the usual 5v5 on PC MOBA, Vainglory is 3v3 MOBA with 2 lanes. The first lane will be your normal tower lane with minions while the second lane at the bottom is the “Jungle”. There are currently 7 different heroes to choose from, each possesses 3 skills; 2 normal skill plus 1 ultimate skill. The game currently has 3 modes. Single queue for a party, queue in as a party or single player mode. An average game takes about 20 minutes to complete.



My Review
As much as having a talented development team and strong financial fundings, I do have my qualms over the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried a match and I must say it’s quite refreshing and fun (my team did managed to win). However, there are some obstacles that I believed Super Evil Megacorp have to overcome in order to make the game a success.

1. The game is made to be played on a Tablet which in itself has many issues. MOBA games require lots of map-awareness and fast reaction. Playing on a tablet means that half the time your hands will be blocking the screen thus affecting your judgement and reaction time.

2. You definitely need a wi-fi network to play the game and it’s good if you’re playing in a group at somebody’s home however, if you’re alone in your own home, most people would rather play DOTA2, or LOL since it’s pretty much easier to click then tap.

3. Lastly, although the popularity of tablets has been increasing, tablet devices in itself is still not a mainstream device compared to PCs and owning one can be quite expensive. It’ll be interesting to see LAN shops filled with Tablets though.


The game is currently out for testing in the SEA region and subsequently, it’ll be open up for testing for the rest of the world. Also, the game is currently only available to play on the iPad.

Super Evil Megacorp

iPad – iOS Link (SG store)



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