Valiant Force – New Pre-registration Campaign and Rewards!


XII Braves and FunPlus, a worldwide leader in social games has announced the start of a new pre-registration campaign for Valiant Force, the upcoming anime-style mobile RPG is set to enter Closed Beta later this month for Android devices.


The new pre-registration bonus includes the exclusive 3-star Mystic hero, Leandra Nightsong, along with a full set of equipment and vanity items. As more players pre-register, we will be able to unlock more milestone rewards such as the Genesis Tunic, Genesis Cane +6 and Genesis Griffin Wings.


Fans of Valiant Force who had already pre-registered previously on the former website need not do so again, as they are automatically upgraded to the new campaign. All pre-registration campaign rewards will be sent to the email addresses during the first week of Valiant Force’s official launch in the different regions. Valiant Force will be available in 5 languages at launch, including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. The Valiant Force Global Hero Design Contest is currently in its Public Voting phase. You can read more about it here.

Close Beta Test

Based on the Official Facebook Page, CBT will most likely happen next week. XII Braves will only be selecting a handful of people in this first CBT phase. They also mentioned that it’ll be a short one and the official launch is not far away. However, all these things are subjected to change if they found any major bugs.


Pre-register Here


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