Valiant Force’s Hero Design Contest 2016 – Voting Begins!


Previously, FunPlus and XII Braves has organised a Hero Design Contest for Valiant Force and finally, voting has began! More than 1300 brave and wise heroes from Asia, South East Asia, North America and Europe have come forward; ready to join us in the battlefield. FunPlus today officially announced that everyone, regardless of whether you are a citizen of the continent of Arathos, are welcomed to cast your sacred vote and select the strongest hero of them all!

Since May 15th, heroes from all over the world have donned their dazzling armor, equipped themselves with the most elite weapons, and also honed their combat skills to prepare themselves for the adventure. More than 5 times of last year’s submission number have come forward, and the epic battle is about to begin!


Over USD 10,000 in cash and other fantastic prizes to be won!

This competition aims to encourage everyone to use their creativity and talent to design, illustrate, and breathe life into a new hero who will adventure alongside the heroes of Valiant Force.

All outstanding works will stand a chance of being made into actual heroes in the game and they will join the 6 Valiants and over 200 other heroes of more than 40 jobs in the battle against the dark forces. Selected submissions of hero characters will also get the opportunity to have their own exclusive jobs, create epic weapons, and unlock amazing skills.

Players can now head now head over to the official voting website and cast your votes for favourite character design!

Vote Here


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