Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – Launched


Perchang has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a tactical RPG based on your favourite Champions from Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar. Fight through the chaotic Silver Tower. Lair of the hideous Gaunt Summoner.

Players will collect and upgrade 10 champions from the Age of Sigmar setting, including the Knight Questor, Mistweaver Saih, Darkoath Chieftain and many more.

Champions are adept at one of three combat types: melee, ranged or spell. Each ruleset offers players a different play style with unique advantages and challenges. From gaining additional attacks in hand to hand combat, interrupting the enemy’s turn to shoot at them, or storing up magic points to unleash huge spells, each has various strengths and weaknesses, and different combinations will be required to face the horrors of the Tower.

Every week, players will be able to enter the Weekly Trial. They will have one chance to fight through as many stages as they can. With various save points to collect rewards, players will face the difficult decision – cash out or keep fighting?



Android Link
iOS Link


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