Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou Janjan Stadium – Pre-registration


Konami had recently announced a new mobile game based on Weekly Shonen Jump called Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou Janjan Stadium (週刊少年ジャンプ 実況ジャンジャンスタジアム とは). The game is slated to launch this year in 2018 so stay tune for more information!

Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou Janjan Stadium (Jumpstadium) is a 4v4 real-time PVP battle game based on characters from Jump all-stars.

Based on the Promotional Video, it seems like a platform fighting game similar to Super Smash Bros. Characters such as Luffy from One Piece, Goku from DBZ, JoJo and many more from 39 different titles will be appearing in the game, with more planned to be added at a later date.

Pre-registration is underway and there are 3 different channels to pre-register for the game. You can choose to pre-register using Twitter, Line or Email. However, the rewards for pre-registration hasn’t been announced yet so keep a look out over the next few days for more news!

Pre-register here



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