Westworld – Mobile Game Pre-Registration


Warm hello to fellow Pao-ers! Might you be hooked onto the critically acclaimed drama series Westworld from HBO recently from their latest Season 2 premiere?! It will be interesting to highlight that Warner Brothers Games have a Westworld mobile game pending for release!

The game represents a Delos Park Training Simulation where the player will be controlling Westworld and managing your town with various features such as managing your group of intelligent hosts and pairing guests with them. The game feels like it has a lot of vibes similar to the previously popular Fallout Shelter on both its gameplay and aesthetics.

Based on the website, the game will be out in English, Chinese, Japanese and other European languages. This game does look to have some potential as one of the few 2018 simulation games on mobile for both fans and gamers alike. Are you ready to take control of the fate of Westworld? Head to their official website to pre-register now and help the game unlock further milestones for more rewards (It is currently at 500k!).

WB Games

Official Website


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