Which titles are you interested in English


Just to satisfy my curiosity, I would like to find out which Japanese mobile games are you interested to play if it’s English.

Hi all, here are 2 polls that I hope you guys can vote for me. The first poll is to find out which Japanese game (Current and Upcoming) would you like to see it in English. You can vote up to 3 games for the first poll.

The 2nd poll is to vote for which game(s) should I concentrate on building the community such as more guides, weekly event updates and more videos. 2 Votes each!

Disclaimer: No I’m not publishing any of these games in English (unless all of you donate tons of cash for me to set up my own publishing company 😛 ). The poll is for my reference and to make this site a better place for the community. Thank you!

[poll id=”15″]

[poll id=”16″]


  1. Do you play Dragon Poker (Dorapo)? Its English version by Magicbox has been out for a while and got me hooked, so I tried Dorapo and currently am playing both versions. Just thinking that game deserves more attention though; the game is excellent in some aspects imo.


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