World of Tanks Blitz – iOS version


One of the top played games on the PC for year 2013 has now been ported to the mobile device. World of Tanks features historical World War 2 era tanks in a multi-player shooter.

Personally, I haven’t played the PC version thus I can’t make any comparison between the two. However, I did managed to get a few games going on my iPhone and I must say I’m quite impressed with the controls, graphics and gameplay for a mobile device. Before I even started to try the game, I was quite skeptical about it as I’m not a fan of playing shooter games outside of my PC. However WOT Blitz proved me wrong. The battery does get a little hot after 2 games, but still manageable. I would recommend playing the game on a tablet instead for better view and coverage.


You’re able to purchase and upgrade tanks from USA, Germany and USSR. Each game is a 7v7 with the objective of eliminating all of the opponents tanks or capturing the flag. There are more then 90 tanks that you can collect across four classes: light, medium, heavy and long ranged types.

Watch my short gameplay video below for more:


iOS Link



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