XII Braves Partners With FunPlus To Publish Valiant Force


Just yesterday, I was lucky to be at a press event to witness the signing of a new partnership between XII Braves and global publisher FunPlus. Through this new strategic partnership, FunPlus will become the global publisher for Valiant Force while XII Braves can concentrate on making the game perfect for us mobile gamers!


FunPlus, better known as the publisher for DotArena and League of Immortals, has realised the potential in Valiant Force and was willing to take the leap of faith and invest in this multi-million investment. CEO FunPlus Mr Andy Zhong mentioned that through this partnership, FunPlus will be taking care of the game operations, marketing and player engagements, while the people in XII Braves (pronounced as 12 braves) can concentrate in polishing Valiant Force, making it the best mobile game for all the players.

XII Braves Co-Founder Chris Ng

Valiant Force is a strategy turn-based mobile game, with reminiscence of classic Japanese RPG titles. In Valiant Force, players must gather heroes to face the imminent revival of a powerful evil being, who is bent on destroying humanity in the world of Arathos.

Players can form their own Force, pick and customize from  over 200 heroes, over 42 unique classes & jobs. They can be equipped  with different rarities of equipment either from dungeon loot or crafting them at the Forge. Players can also progress and advance with each of their heroes, and unlock new and more powerful classes. Each new class, has its own unique skill, 2D and 3D avatars.

Valiant Force - Battle screenshot 2 Valiant Force - Hero window 2D

Now for the most important questions: “When will the game be released?” Co-founder Mr Jonathan Leong has mentioned in the event yesterday that the game is slated to soft launch in certain countries in July, while the global launch will be dependant on the feedbacks and reactions from the gamers during the soft launch period.

As a local Singaporean, I’m really happy and excited that we have a homegrown game development company that is able to create a what looks like the next HIT Triple-A Mobile title. Now, I can’t wait till July comes.

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