Yokai Kitchen SEA – Official Launch


FriendTimes has announced the launch of Yokai Kitchen in the SEA region. Players from SEA can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

In Yokai Kitchen, players will become the boss of a restaurant located on the back of a giant flying turtle, and start a journey to build it into the most popular restaurant in the Spirit Realm.

The employees of the restaurant are Yokai that players met during their journeys. Yokai are magical creatures evolved from various animals. They possess innate magical powers, but at the same time, have the same emotions as human beings, such as joy, anger, and sorrow. They may come from different clans or have different personalities, but at your call, they gather in this restaurant, work as chefs, waiters, or breeders. Together with them, players will be able to build the kitchen into the first restaurant in the Spirit Realm.

The game itself is a mixture of a typical RPG and Restaurant Management. For those of you who have enjoyed the previous Food Fantasy, you’ll probably want to give Yokai Kitchen a go!



Android Link
iOS Link



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