Alice Order


Square Enix has announced the launch for their latest mobile game, Alice Order. The game is currently available in Japan’s Google PlayStore. If you like Million Arthur or SLG, you might want to give this game a try!

Developed by the original Million Arthur team, Alice Order is a side-scroller tactics game. Although the game looks very similar to chain chronicles, but I assure you, it’s totally different and plays more like a claustrophobic SLG.


The setting for Alice Order is in future Japan. Due to natural disasters, Japan became a barren land and during this time, a group of enemies from another dimension came over to invade whatever’s left. To protect the land, a group of female warriors with special powers who call themselves “Alice”, band together to fend off the invaders. Players will take on the role of a commander and command the Alice squad to fend off the invaders.


Similar to MA2, the game has Single Player Missions and Co-op Events. The current event is a collaboration between MA2 and Alice Order where players will stand a chance to acquire Uathatch.


As for the combat, the game’s actually a simplified tactics game where you just need to move your characters within firing range and your characters will start attacking. Players will need to take note of your positioning when attacking as the enemies might kill you, if you do not end them in one turn.


Alice Order is currently out now in the Japan Android Stores. Get the game now on Qooapp. They’re giving away a guarantee 5-star card on your first pull so.. what are you waiting for?

Many people in my chatroom are playing it so join us and say hi if you’re playing!

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