Amazing Loot Grind – Open Loot Boxes on Your Mobile


Indie developer Star Penguin Games releases its second title, Amazing Loot Grind.   Amazing Loot Grind is a casual RPG focusing on random loot drops, and is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.  The game is a great way for casual and hardcore RPG fans alike to enjoy short bursts of loot-based gameplay while on the go.

Amazing Loot Grind gives players “all the fun of opening the chest, without having to run the dungeon!”  The endgames of many popular titles force players to replay the same parts of their games over and over again in hopes of randomly getting rare loot.   Amazing Loot Grind removes all that time-consuming combat, exploration, and questing, and lets players focus on what they really want: getting the best loot!  Open the chest, get loot, and equip it to increase your odds of getting even better loot.  Repeat until you get the best loot!

·         Over 1400 unique loot items to collect
·         7 levels of loot rarity to grind
·         Endless chests to open
·         A good-natured critique of random loot systems
Star Penguin Games


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