Aurora Legend launches on the App Store and Google Play Store


Rastar Games is proud to announce its new adventure mobile game, Aurora Legend, is now available on both iOS and Android devices.

Aurora Legend transports players into the once beautiful, peaceful and prosperous fantasy world of Aurora. This serene landscape was forever changed once demons appeared as they seized the land and its people, thus plunging the world into utter chaos and darkness. A number of memorable heroes took arms to fight back against this threat to restore the balance between good and evil, but the war took its toll as players will find Aurora devastated and covered in ruins. It’s now up to them to lead hundreds of heroes to defeat the remnants of darkness, bring light back to the land, and become the legend of a new era.

In Aurora Legend, players will lead their heroes on an adventure that’s filled with dramatic storylines, challenging battles and an immersive experience unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

To celebrate the launch, players can soon participate in Aurora Legend’s first Major event – Aurora Feast! Aurora Feast challenges players to obtain ingredients from dungeons to then cook and deliver food to Miho, the outland gourmet! Offering her a taste of her favorite food will increase her satisfaction levels and net players rewards in this bite-sized event.

In addition to the Aurora Feast Major event, players can earn the limited time hero, Victoria, in the Gacha system. Victoria is a powerful 3-star long-range mage, who becomes a recon to deal with if paired with a Healer on your team.

Some of the main features of Aurora Legend are:

  • Casual Gameplay – Regardless if you’re watching Netflix, going to school, or in the middle of a meeting, your heroes will still fight and advance for you.
  • A New World to Explore – Explore Aurora’s ancestral mysteries while learning about your heroes’ history, control their unique skills, and participate in an infinite number of adventures across randomly-generated maps.
  • Craft, Enhance and Evolve – Using the Runes system, even the weakest weapon, or hero, can become legendary.
  • Share the Experience – Form a squad with other adventurers to battle the remnants of darkness together via co-op!

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