Black Clover Reveals First Promotional Video


If you haven’t already know, Bandai Namco will be releasing a Black Clover mobile game some time in 2018. Recently, they have released the first PV for the game together with Koda Kuma’s latest song, “Dangerous”.

From the PV, we can roughly conclude that this is going to be a strategy RPG played on a 4×6 board. The only mystery now is whether the monsters will move across the board and we have to prevent them from doing so like a Tower Defense game or if it’s just a turn-based kind of game.

Next, if you’re a Koda Kumi fan, you’ll be glad to know that her latest song, “Dangerous” will be the theme song for Black Clover mobile game.

Pre-registration is already underway so hurry and unlock those milestone rewards!

Pre-register here


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