BnB M to Collaborate with LINE FRIENDS


The notorious Crazy Arcade crew is back in action for zanier mini-games in BnB M. Players in Australia, New Zealand, and select regions of Southeast Asia and Latin America can dive into the latest update today!

For over a decade, the Crazy Arcade franchise has entertained players with kooky mini-games. The latest installment BnB M furthers the action with remastered 3-D gameplay that has been perfectly reimagined for mobile devices. Today, Nexon teams up with LINE FRIENDS, one of the world’s fastest growing global character brands to bring the loveable characters from LINE messenger into BnB M. Players can now dive into super-soaked gameplay as the recognizable ‘MOON’ and ‘BROWN’ characters. Both characters have three individual outfits ready to be unlocked and customized to further the wacky antics of BnB M.

In addition to today’s collaboration, several new features have been added to BnB M, including the latest Waterfly SuperSkill. Players can utilize the power of Waterfly in BnB M’s myriad of unique game modes to release a hive of insects and trap all surrounding characters. Additional various silly costumes have also been added for more customizable fun.

Today’s collaboration update arrives after BnB M’s historic milestone of 8 million downloads worldwide. The game was also recently featured in the App Store’s games section in over 40 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.



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