Bravely Archive – English Version Available Now


Square Enix has announced the English launch of Bravely Archive, the mobile spin-off of the Bravely series. I believe this is a soft launch of the game as it is not available on the world-wide stores.

First up, this came as a surprise to me as the Japanese version of the game shut down more than a year ago. The game was first released in Japan in 2015 thus there is about 2.5 years worth of content before it died. I am not sure if Square Enix will continue to produce more content for the global version or…..

History aside, I did enjoy my time playing the game back when it was first released in Japan. The game is set a hundred years after the events happened in Bravely Default on a parallel universe.

This is a turn-based game with flick controls. Players will have to decide whether to do normal attack (swipe left), hit the enemy up to set up for air combo (swipe up), and finally, swipe down to hit the enemy down from the air to deal a high amount of damage. There’s also a turn-bonus to look out for. Depending on the kind of crystals you have during your turn, it will decide whether your attack will be AOE, Single Target, with Heals and more.

When your characters Limit break bar is fully charged, you can unleash his/her limit break to deal tons of damage to the monsters.

Square Enix


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  1. The fact that they’d didn’t also put this on IOS for beginning English release triggers me so bad 😩 I wanna play this so bad and hope they bring the other bravely games to global or just English


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