Bushido Saga: Nightmare of the Samurai


Pandora Game Studios had recently release their first Hack’n’slash mobile game, Bushido Saga. The game has been out for a month now and Players can download the app from your local App or Play Store.

Not for the average lazy screen-tapping gamer, “Bushido Saga: Nightmare of the Samurai” is a free-to-play mobile action-adventure game set in 1700s Japan and based on the treasured historical Legend of the 47 Ronin.

It requires skill, quick reflexes and an honorable soul to be played. Combat sequences are innovative due to their fluid and dynamic gameplay, based on a swipe and tap series of commands that unlock powerful fighting maneuvers. You must use your tactical mind so as to size up your enemies, find their weak spots, and deliver the most punishing blows. A wrong move may cost you your life.

You play with Oishi, a loyal samurai who serves the Asano clan and has been plagued with bizarre and vivid nightmares. In these horrid dreams, you fail to protect your lord while he is killed by a shadowy creature right before your eyes. So as to prevent this fate from befalling your master, you embark on a journey to eliminate his enemies. The way will be fraught with danger, but your honor and sense of duty demand you prevail at all costs.

Pandora Game Studio


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